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,The Fire and Rescue Department says fire crews are still looking for the Proton Persona that plunged into a river near Baling. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, June 26, 2022.

THREE members of a family are missing and feared drowned after their Proton Persona car plunged into a river at Jambatan Pantai Cicar, Kuala Ketil, Baling, yesterday.

Baling police chief Shamsudin Mamat said the occupants were Mashitoh Ibrahim, 37, and her two sons Mohd Ziyad Zikri Sharudin, 7, and Mohd Ziyad Haziq, 5.

“Five firefighters are now trying to locate them in the river using the ‘grappling iron’ technique.

“We will update from time to time of new developments,” he said in a statement yesterday.

Meanwhile, Kedah Fire and Rescue Department deputy director Syufaat Kamaron said they received a distress call at 6.42pm about a car plunging into a river.

“The river was fast-flowing at the time. Villagers are also helping with the search and rescue. They also said they witnessed the incident.

“Rescuers are still trying to locate the vehicle.” – Bernama, June 26, 2022.